My work is not only about photography as an art form, I feel it is my journalistic duty to use photography as a medium for documentational purposes.

A visual of contemporary life in the future will be a journey to the past, an emotional statement.

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– Private Pomegranate show for Paul Murphy

– The usuals show “US”

– The Usuals “Vital”

– Downtown Doors (1st place)

– Schoolin’ The Schools (1st place)

– The Art Museum of Los Gatos: Social Matters 2012

– Hamburger Eyes Zine Buffet Show

– Eye On Youth gallery Show

– The usuals: Vital

– Skidmark Skatemag (editorial work)

– Confusion Skate mag (German magazine)

– Small Beating Skateboards Ad

– photo in a Josh Mattson interview in Sweden: skate malmo.se

– People Show: collab show with Edgar Godinez and Ruben Juarez.

– Seven Trees Metro Gallery April 5th, 2013

– Cinequest Film Festival (photojournalism)

– Seeing Things Gallery shoot for Content magazine

– Downtown Doors 2013 — 2 Doors up

– content Magazine behind the scenes for the subZERO fashion show.

– Purple Diary: Aaron Frisby’s “Here She Comes..” (With guest artist Brad Hayes) Seeing Things Gallery, San Jose, CA.

– The Usuals: Gone Postal

– Timspiration

– Second Time’s A Charm (September 6)

– Desillusion Mag — France

– the Skateboard Mag December 2013

– Seeing Things Gallery : into the blue

– find Rangers Camera Club zine 2013

– FRCC zine 2014 January 24th show at book & Job